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World Jason's 2022-2023 Quest

Backpack To Every Country in Central America

COUNDOWN BEGINS NOW! On Septemer 11, 2022 I continue my epic world travels by visiting every country in Central and South America!

Real Time Location

Saint Petersburg, Florida

Visiting family and friends in the USA for 90 days before start of epic journey through Central and South America.  Will visit every country along the way slow(ish) traveling between 1-2 months on average in each country.  

Next 5 Stops:  
1)  Chicago, IL
2)  Salt Lake City, UT
3)  Seattle, WA
4)  San Francisco, CA
5)  Mexico City, Mexico




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Rave Reviews

“I met Jason at a CS event in Tampa recently. I had already heard what a great guy he is from a mutual friend. Jason is a real world traveler! He has been to so many places and has many interesting stories to tell! He is fun, upbeat and positive and very encouraging to talk to. I highly recommend this well traveled CS Nomadic Ambassador. You will enjoy hosting him and he will delight in getting to know you as well :)”
Alisa Miller
“Jason!! he has such a great energy!!! OMG he is so much fun, caring about others, he is so positive and committed!! I do recommend to spend some time with him!! you’ll never regret! I’m so happy to know you Jason”
Nasllely Garcia
“Such an amazing uplifting guy. Trust me you will be glad you met him, all the times we spoke he left me feeling better. Lovely energetic human being he is all that he is saying he is and more!”
Christos Socratous
“Jason was such a pleasant peraí to be around, we didn’t have enough time to hang out but the little we did was such a great experience. He’s so easy going and opened, also a very very humble guy who has interesting life experiences to share. Tchau tchau !”
Aline Pereira
“I met Jason in an event he organized with other couchsurfers in Orlando. He was cool and very easy to talk to. He makes everybody feel welcomed and he just has this very positive vibes! The only downside is that we didnt get to hangout for a longer time! Hope to see you soon Jason! So excited for more of your stories!!”
Tyrone James Cleope
“Jason is a model house guest. He is thoughtful, conscientious, sincere and timely. He communicates well his plans to reduce any confusion. After his arrival, we enjoyed getting to know each other with an evening jog/bike ride in the rain; he jogged while I rode my bike. He prepared a delicious meal for us. Jason arranged for us to meet other CSrs at Riverwalk; he represents CS well as an Ambassador. He knows how to strike up a conversation with anyone. I look forward to our paths crossing again.”
“World Jason was a delightful guest. He was very self-sufficient and easy to share space with. He taught me a lot about traveling and healthy living, too, and even came to a local boot camp with me, which made my workout friends quite happy. I would happily host him again.”
Tess Nater
“Jason is absolutely awesome! He agreed to shorten a trip to Key West to come to my wedding. He’s full of energy, kindness, knowledge, stories, and happiness! I’m beyond happy that I know him and would definitely recommend him to others as a guest and a friend! Thank you Jason for saving my wedding ;-)”
Tal Carmy
“I met Jason at a CS event in Orlando, Fl. He was a super cool guy who asked lots of questions about my recent travels around europe. I had such a great time chatting with him and would love to meet up next time you make it to the Northwest! 10 out of 10 would recommend hosting or hanging out with this guy!”
Hanna Reynolds
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