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World Jason The Expert Nomad

World Jason The Expert Nomad

In the travel world I’m known as World Jason — the Expert Nomad

I travel full time exploring this beautiful world

My life mission is to teach 1,000,000 humans to travel more than they ever thought possible,  and experience the freedom and transformation that comes from a life filled with travel.

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On The Road To 193!

It is my quest to visit every single country in the world, according to the United Nations list.  

This is a tremendously difficult and exciting goal.  In fact it’s so challenging that more people have been to outer space (about 600) than have been to every country in the world! (less than 200).  This map represents my current progress.  

2022-2024 will take me to 33 countries — all of Central and South America, including the islands.

2022-2023 Travel Quest

Every Country In Central America

Slow Travel Through Central America

The Adventure Continues...

Real Time Location - Salt Lake City, Utah

Visiting family and friends in the USA for 90 days before start of epic journey through Central America.  

Travel through Central America begins September 11,2022

Next 5 Stops:
1)  Seattle, WA
2)  San Francisco, CA
3)  Mexico City, Mexico
4)  Oaxaca, Mexico
5)  Merida, Mexico (Yucatan Peninsula)

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World Jason The Expert Nomad

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The Travelers Endgame: The Quest To Visit Every Country In The World

This book contans World Jason’s interviews with 15 travelers who have achieved the unbelievable — visiting every country in the world! More people have been to outer space than have been to every country in the world! In this book you’ll hear the amazing true stories of why and how they did it. You will be inspired by one of the most rare and incredible achievements life has to offer!

Imagine: The Simple Life Design Framework That Works

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